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OS MasterMap

OS MasterMap - sample image

OS MasterMap® is the smartest way to work with large scale mapping. OS MasterMap® is a seamless product made up of individual real world features each of which has a unique identifier called a TOID. Integration with and analysis of your own and other data is simplified, ideas easily conveyed and communications within and between organisations improved using TOIDs as a common framework.

OS MasterMap® is suitable for analysis at 1:1250 to 1:2500 scales and for displaying and printing at scales in the range 1:10,000 to 1:500. Online procurement options allow you to choose OS MasterMap® for just the area you require and to receive that data in a GIS or CAD format of your choice.

OS MasterMap® supersedes the traditional "spaghetti-like" Land-Line and SuperPlan Data large scale mapping products eliminating tiles (and the management and integration overhead of same) and providing a seamless, flexible framework compatible with all GIS and CAD systems.

Users may need to familiarise themselves with the differences between OS MasterMap® and the soon to be discontinued Land-Line. Most notable are the absence of a grid, road centrelines and embankment/cutting symbols - the former because most applications allow this to be done on the fly at an interval of the users choosing (more flexible), the centre-lines because they reflect neither the topographic centre of the road or the road markings and the latter to enable users to customise representation of the mapping in their own outputs owing to the fully structured polygonal non-spaghetti nature of OS MasterMap®.

emapsite works continuously with customers to fine tune multiple format offerings for this most important of large scale mapping products (it is in fact a 433 million object database) to ensure that all the right formats are available. We recommend against use of DXF format for OS MasterMap as many of the advantages of the product are lost therein. AutoCAD Map3D is emapsite's tool of choice to make the most of OS MasterMap in a CAD environment as it not only understands the data format and will automatically load the data in layers but also allows the user to both retrieve feature attribution and to control display of the data using that attribution.

In this regard OS MasterMap® meets the needs of project and site specific users in sectors such as engineering and environmental consultancy for planning, site development and asset management.

Product details

Product: OS MasterMap
Author: Ordnance Survey
Scale: 1:1,250
Datum: OSGB36
Projection: Transverse Mercator
Spheroid: Airy
Licence:view pdf

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