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Map Insight (large scales only)

Map Insight (large scales only) - sample image

Map Insight Packs (detailed only) are made up of A3 extracts of all available superseded Ordnance Survey maps (from the scales and maps as available to Groundsure from the copyright library used to scan the material) at a variety of scales (including 1:2500, 1:1250) supplied in PDF. These map packs give the user an historical review of mapping back to around 1840. With full colour scans of souce material at 508dpi and PDF output at 600dpi these map packs set a new standard in quality, clarity and interpretability for the environmental professional. 1:2500 / 1:1250 scale - typically 6 editions Urban areas are more frequently covered; 1:1250 scale only available for "urban" areas. Areas of greater population and change tend to have more mapping edtions.

Product details

Product: Map Insight (large scales only)
Author: Groundsure
Licence:view pdf