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JBA Comprehensive Flood Model (GB)

JBA Comprehensive Flood Model (GB) - sample image

JBA Consulting's Flood Risk Model data covers England, Wales and urban areas of Scotland. Included in the product are the Surface Water Flood Map, the Reservoir Failure Flood Map and the Undefended River Flood Map. It has been developed in conjunction with Infoterra and parts have been licensed by the Environment Agency for emergency planning purposes.

The Surface Water Flood Map identifies areas likely to flood following extreme rainfall events - land naturally vulnerable to surface water or pluvial flooding. The model provides the maximum depth of flooding in each 5m cell of the digital terrain model, which is processed into depth bands to identify varying levels of risk.

JBA's Reservoir Failure Flood Map identifies areas in England that are most likely to suffer damage to property following sudden catastrophic failure of a reservoir. 1700 reservoirs are included in the model, which uses JBA's 2D hydraulic modelling techniques and a digital terrain model to create the maps - 1-2m resolution Lidar data in large urban areas and 5m resolution data elsewhere.

The Undefended River Flood Map (image shown on the right) provides the highest resolution flood mapping for urban areas, and is based on detailed hydrological analysis of river systems, followed by advanced 2D hydraulic modelling of water flow onto river floodplain areas. The output from the modelling includes flood outlines and flood depth grids for the following four return periods: 1 in 75 year; 1 in 100 year; 1 in 200 year, and; 1 in 1000 years.

Please note: The Sample below is not for commercial use. JBA accept no liability.

Product details

Product: JBA Comprehensive Flood Model (GB)
Author: JBA Consulting
Licence:view pdf