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Partners and Alliances

emapsite’s reputation is in large part based on our expertise in and provision of location content to professionals.  As the world of geographic information moves further into the mainstream it becomes part of the wider information domain and in part loses its mystique.  However, the underlying complexities remain and it is emapsite’s established expertise in this arena that bridges the knowledge and capability divide between this world and that of the enterprise.

emapsite seeks to further leverage this expertise through developing new and strengthening existing strategic and tactical relationships throughout the information supply chain. 

Our partnership focus is in the land and property sector where we have an established offering, deep understanding and closely aligned products and services.  In particular we segment this market along the following broad lines:

  • Plan, design and build (including but not limited to the professionals)
  • Asset owners/managers (pension companies, insurance companies, developers, all with property portfolios and land-banks)
  • Land use/exploitation (agriculture, extractive industry, forestry)
  • Disposals and acquisitions (estate agents, commercial and residential, including conveyancing)
  • Ad hoc or sporadic users - tourism, leisure, sport and individual consumers

The adoption and uptake of digital geographic data in this market is growing rapidly, driven by the following factors:

  • Government guidelines and Communities and Local Government regulations now require the use of detailed (specifically 1:1250 scale) mapping for all planning application submissions
  • The demand (need) for property related searches, specifically following the introduction of Home Information Packs (HIPs)
  • The increasing need to evaluate risk, specifically in relation to flood, subsidence, previous land use and other factors
  • The constant increase in value of property and land
  • The increasing opportunity for new build (in particular in relation to the existence, availability of, access to and quality of brownfield sites)
  • The need for clarity of ownership to expedite acquisition for development
  • The definition of neighbourhood character for crime, statistics and insurance purposes
  • The exploration of a locality for proximity to services such as education, health, amenity and environmental quality

emapsite’s geoportal caters for the professional elements of this market. However, the remainder of the land and property market have a low awareness of sources of information and are uneasy and apprehensive about how to meet their requirements. Their anxiety may be increased by one or more of the following issues:

  • In 2008 the property market has gone very soft, and
    • differentiation of service provision at all levels, for competitive advantage, is more important than ever
  • Mapping is now an accepted, indeed required, component in the whole property process
  • There is a low level of awareness, despite HIPs, of other location content typically associated with and able to inform the “search” process
  • Licensing is a double edged sword (i.e. mapping costs but can assist the process)
  • The perception remains that additional inputs (such as detailed mapping) are more costly than existing approaches (sending people to site, where for example they may not be able to get, measure or carry out the work required, costing time and money)
  • The market is unpredictable in terms of where the next opportunity may come from, but,
    • the market is more certain that there will be another opportunity (and frequently)
  • There is increased pressure to license data correctly (the Ordnance Survey are launching a high profile 3 year campaign to put pressure on the abuse of crown copyright)
  • From all directions there is pressure for up-to-date accurate data from a reliable source

Other factors such as the ubiquity of 3D worlds and in car navigation have in recent years brought location visualisation to the masses and created a level of expectation and familiarity with “mapping” that supports enterprise adoption of up-scale tools in the quest for improved asset performance and greater business value.

emapsite closes this circle for customers and end users alike through the provision of the location intelligence that connects decision making with value through the medium of up to date, accurate, detailed asset specific information.