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Professional Memberships and Affiliations

emapsite founders have been vocal, and at times dissenting, members of the UK and wider GIS community for three decades and are proud to be considered knowledge leaders in the paradigm shift to a broader location aware enterprise.   

emapsite is a corporate member of the Association of Geographic Information (AGI) and has presented and exhibited at AGI events and taken part in the Environmental and Land and Property Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

In support of a broader public and commercial agenda for the purveyor of geographic goods and services emapsite is a member of the Locus Association.

As you would expect the emapsite development team are all subscribed to MSDN.

emapsite sets great store by our partnership Ordnance Survey and with our other providers.

As a wider context for location information continues to emerge and expand emapsite is widening its professional affiliations to include key membership organisations, integrators, suppliers and software vendors. 

Our recent alliance with Infotech Enterprises Europe in their successful submission to the Office of Government Commerce Buying Solutions selection process for the Catalist GISS Framework (estimated to be worth some £60m annually) is one example of how emapsite is spreading our net of niche capability to the wider market. 

Membership of the Association of Alliance Managers (AAM) on the one hand and the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) on the other indicate both the nature of the opportunity and the challenge.

emapsite increasingly sees its role as an enabler in the adoption of geographic data across a wide swathe of industries, some of whom have used CAD and GIS in relatively siloed disciplines for many years, others for whom it is “new” and yet others who share a vision for common geographic frameworks.  The need to optimise investments in hardware and software, coupled to accelerating inter-operability expectations has ironically brought closer relationships with both suppliers and ISVs. 

While emapsite remains vendor agnostic we have worked very hard to ensure that our products and our services are suitable for and support both proprietary and open desktop applications from all the main CAD and GIS vendors (link to Tools and Technologies > GIS and CAD) as well as many other more specialised software developers (link to Tools and Technologies > Modelling and Visualisation).

In particular, engineers and others may be pleased to note that emapsite has formed an excellent relationship with both the Autodesk channel and Leica GeoSystems in the UK and is pleased to work with you and your supplier to enhance your use of geographic data and the value to be derived therefrom.