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Insurance, Financial Services and Banking (IFB)

We help the insurance industry analyse a range of peril types to inform vital risk management decisions.

Our growing list of clients includes primary insurers, intermediaries, reinsurance brokers, underwriters, claims managers and loss adjusters.

Each of these client groups derives immediate business value from swift, high-performance access to essential, on-demand data held on our location content delivery platform.

Our hosted services enable clients to benefit from the latest, most accurate data, avoiding the headaches of costly IT deployment, in-house training and maintenance.

Since launching our web mapping and address search web services in 2006, we have continued to enrich our platform with location enabled data from insurance industry recognised partners, examples being Ordnance Survey, the Met Office and the British Geological Survey. Our ever growing range of perils datasets now includes:

  • Flood – river, coastal and surface water
  • Subsidence
  • Windstorm
  • Freeze
  • Property crime – burglary, arson, criminal damage, vandalism and theft
  • Retail property valuation and indebtedness
  • COMAH locations – high risk locations ranging from Sellafield to Calor Gas centres

As well as the definitive addressing of residential and commercial properties in the UK, our standards-based location portfolio includes topographic base mapping, aerial imagery, 3D terrain data, flood and windstorm hazard maps, the National Tree Map and the age, construction type and footprint of buildings.

The currency and level of granular detail we provide means insurers can enjoy greater confidence in the rationale behind decisions on risk selection, valuation, hazard modelling, pricing and accumulations.

Insurers can also realise business value from offering their clients shorter quotation times, so creating competitive advantage in the market.