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emapsite's mission is to be the location content provider of choice to the professional, be they technical map user, project manager or senior executive.

While traditional technical map users are more visible within our core markets, location, place, geography and mapping are all now of considerable consequence in corporate boardrooms and across myriad enterprises. It is often said that 80% of all corporate information includes locational content of some kind and organisations are now increasingly looking to harness that content in their workflows, decision making processes and in understanding their clients, markets and positions in them. With databases increasingly providing the tools by which such analysis can take place and such value be derived it is also true that location has become the context by which that value can be communicated - map visualisation.

As well as providing a complete suite of web services by which to leverage external and corporate data in a geographic framework emapsite is an established Microsoft Virtual Earth partner and developer enabling clients to access this information through a choice of specialist and familiar tools. Location intelligence has become the watchword for many industries and the sub-sections here give a flavour of the services and solutions available from emapsite to help deliver that intelligence.