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Solutions and Services – Overview

open quote We have worked with emapsite for more than 2 years to bring this vision to reality; their support, rapid implementation, resilience and superb customer responsiveness has enabled us to provide our customers with a solution that illuminates the planning environment and informs decision making in a way they could previously only guess at. close quote

Philip Williams
Solutions Director, Supporta Terraquest

emapsite offers both solutions (with applications and/ data content supplied to the customer) and services (consultancy led investigations) which deliver value based around location intelligence.


emapsite inside is emapsite’s application solution delivery mechanism which enables the speedy delivery of applications needed to tackle and resolve the vital and pervasive challenges of modern business. It provides a technology platform that allows an enterprise both to realise the location intelligence and value within its own business information and to explore new relationships through integration with external content and functionality. emapsite inside can also encompass a hosted managed service providing a universal access point for UK-wide location content and functionality sitting on a highly scalable secure architecture placing emapsite at the forefront of the location intelligence delivery business.


Our services are delivered by our experienced team of data consultants who provide all the advice required to ensure that the geographic data selected for use in the application is appropriate to the end user’s requirements.

emapsite’s team can work with you to provide strategic advice for your business of to your clients on the use and implementation of geographic data both in “conventional” map form and also in terms of extracting value and maximising return on investment from enterprise data. Building on our years of experience we understand where to look for and how to resolve the issues, as well as how to build a business case for the enterprise to ensure that what is delivered is valued and valuable.