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Location Intelligence – Overview

open quote emapsite provides welcome competition in an ever challenging market place. By working with us to really understand some project specific data requirements we have been able to develop and deliver customised data sets and reporting. This has enabled us to offer greater value to our customers with multiple site phase 1 portfolio projects. close quote

Nigel Board
MD, RSK Group Plc

Location intelligence is the use of geographic and location related information to give greater insight and context to existing data and business activity, allowing organisations to streamline processes and leverage greater value from their business decisions.

Location information is increasingly recognised as a vital part of the decision making process, but location content is complex and ever changing and requires a specific set of skills to acquire, maintain and manage.

At emapsite we recognise and revel in the power of geographic information systems (GIS) to undertake complex, in-depth activities involving multiple data sources, multi-criteria algorithms and to translate that into a map centric output. The outputs may have business relevance and appeal but they are some distance removed from the fingertips of the decision makers and from the day to day processes that underpin the modern enterprise. GIS is here to stay, but as it will and should remain niche, for “heavy lifting” geo-processing requirements.

emapsite believes that the key to extracting the intelligence from location content and for leveraging value for the enterprise derives from partnership and strategic alliances, exploiting proven capabilities without the overhead or risk. Assigning responsibility for the aggregation, assimilation and management of location content to proven performers embeds location intelligence within the business and within a solutions portfolio in this way. Working together organisations can deliver swift, affordable and flexible solutions to meet the needs of the SME and enterprise marketplace.

emapsite is not a software business, it is a services enterprise focused on meeting and exceeding the requirements and expectations of our customers through our technical skills, speed of provision, quality, flexibility and affordability.

emapsite delivers operational and productivity gains to our customers through continuously evolving high performance location intelligence solutions. Whether you are a digital mapping professional requiring the widest possible access to location information for your projects, or a project manager and decision maker in any of the industries leveraging corporate information with location data, you will benefit from our established enthusiasm, professionalism and intelligence.