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Technology Expertise and IP

emapsite personnel have an extensive track record and expertise in a wide array of GIS, CAD, image processing and modelling applications, allowing us to understand, support and advise our customers in their selection and exploitation of location content. This expertise also informs our consultancy activities and supports customers when working with them to define the most appropriate choice of technology solution.

Since our inception emapsite has been innovating and deploying products and solutions in the geospatial arena. Today emapsite is renowned for its range of products and solutions for the land and property, renewables, engineering, insurance, education and emergency services markets. These applications reflect emapsite’s dual identity as geographic data provider, bringing together the highly complex demands of managing ever-changing core data sets, and geographic data provisioning platforms that enable users to access and exploit that data for or within their own processes.

Our early adoption of the principles of a service oriented architecture, as reflected in our range of loosely coupled geospatial web services components (see emapsite inside - link), when combined with our established track record in the geodata management sphere, represents a wealth of near market intellectual property. The benefit for clients and partners is a rapid deployment cycle to a proven methodology in which extensive configuration and customisation to meet demanding requirements feature strongly, reducing time to market and total cost of deployment, maintenance and support.

emapsite continues to invest in research, develop and innovate in support of our own online services and those for our customers, always looking to harness emerging and best of breed tools and technologies that satisfy our hunger for converged information systems solutions. This pays dividends for the customer in the form of flexible tool sets that are easily adapted to meet their needs. emapsite’s use and in-depth knowledge of web services allows us to support customers as they seek to open up their solutions in a similar way in order to leverage the business value of location tools and content.

As alluded to ours is a componentised architecture, built for swift deployment across multiple platforms with little or no modification. We describe this as a series of “stacks”: the content stack (the data), the applications stack (the functionality) and the services stack (the transport mechanism).

It is the variety and flexibility of the various stacks in this intellectual property portfolio that provide the integrator and application builder with the fundamentals for delivering location enabled decision support solutions:

  • Flexible, extensible multi-Terabyte geospatial data store
  • OGC compliant Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Coordinate transformation
  • Multi-format data processing engine
  • Multiple area definition tools
  • Geocoding
  • Address search
  • Point of interest search
  • Street search
  • National gazetteer search
  • Feature search
  • Feature selection
  • Proximity search suite
  • Near market OGC compliant Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Web Feature Service (WFS)

emapsite sets great store by this pre-existing intellectual property portfolio and the benefits that it provides to clients. Individual applications may require customisation, integration with third party components or development of new functionality; our team and our platform are both capable and scalable to accommodate such requirements.

To assist in defining user requirements we have grouped these capabilities together in a way that reflects generic or typical workflows and business processes that utilise geographic content. These “modules” are presented at emapsite inside and can also be seen in the context of our case studies.