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The emapsite Approach

In order to provide solutions that deliver value to our customers and partners we undertake a rigorous, consultancy led approach which includes:

  • Understanding your and your clients’ requirements
  • Aligning with your and your clients’ business processes
  • Exceeding expectations in terms of performance, customer service and technical support
  • Integration with your and your clients’ applications
  • Focusing on all things geospatial
  • Working in partnership with suppliers and customers
  • Recognising that everything happens somewhere, and that this geographic element can add value
  • Innovation and evolution behind the scenes and at the user interface
  • Adoption of industry standards

The modern enterprise has near real time, repetitive, frequent demands and it is into this reality and the architectures and tools that underpin them, that the fuel of the GIS, the location data, must be integrated, made available and exploited. At emapsite we believe that the best mechanism for exploiting the business value in this location data, the location intelligence if you will, is to align that data and the tools and technologies that utilise it with the processes and tools being used and adopted in mainstream enterprise IT.

This means standards based, inter-operable, reusable tools residing within a scalable, flexible, resilient infrastructure, sitting on top of and exploiting a managed data content resource. emapsite long ago grabbed this particular nettle and delivers according to this view.

Whether you’re using Java, .NET, a mixed platform or other development approaches, emapsite has the platform, tools and services plus technical expertise to maximise the use of geographic information across an enterprise. Whether simply streaming mapping content and/or providing instant access to strategic data, the outcome aims to accelerate development life cycles and enable the end user to extract value from their data in a map or geographic context.

Our solution delivery approach includes:

  • Designing and delivering web services solutions to customers, focusing on Internet solutions development and integration of these with other systems, including embedding web services within a desktop client/server architecture.
  • Delivering solutions in all the industry standard Internet development environments (such as DHTML, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, VBScript and Java).
  • Utilising a range of internationally recognised standards - including XML (eXtensible Markup Language), and the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) Geographic Markup Language (GML), Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) - emapsite seeks to provide a comprehensive framework for the creation of high quality, stable systems and minimise development time.

While our team can partner as sub-contractors on the engineering and integration side, emapsite believes that the requirements of application developers and solution providers are best served through a suite of accessible interoperable web services. Interoperability comes from the adoption of and adherence to standards and emapsite is proud to boast the first OGC-compliant multi-layer, multi-supplier, e-commerce integrated Web Map Service (WMS) for Great Britain.