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The emapsite Difference

emapsite is an agile, growing business with a great deal of expertise, intellectual property and capability in the geospatial, web mapping and location disciplines.  We know what works, we know how it works. Not only do we understand how to build the business case for the enterprise to ensure that what is delivered is valued and valuable, but we also know how to make it work to deliver that value for our clients and our partners.

Industry leading technical development team

With background and experience both in real world GIS type application development as well as in systems development and spatial data engineering, emapsite’s technical prowess is second to none in its depth and breadth.

Our technical services back room is supported by our experienced pre and post sales support team of data and application consultants who provide all the advice required to ensure that the geographic data selected for use in the application is appropriate to the end user’s requirements.

Widely familiar with all major GIS, CAD, image processing, database, modelling and visualisation technologies as well as in the ways in which they are deployed, users can be sure of appropriate support in determining the most effective approach to their requirements.  This many simply be down to choice of data and format but can equally lead to take up of enabling services such as xpress, quick or streetsahead or indeed to no-strings technical consultation.

emapsite is the pre-eminent geographic data portal (or geoportal) for Great Britain; our network also has a global reach that brings topographic mapping and satellite imagery to your fingertips.

The team can work with you to provide strategic advice to your clients on the use and implementation of geographic data both in “conventional” map form and also in terms of extracting value and maximising return on investment from enterprise data.

emapsite has an in-depth understanding of the critical issue of  copyright licensing ensuring that the delivered solution complies with the various licensing regimes, stays up to date, fit for purpose and cost effective.

emapsite represents the only real location-centric business choice for professionals seeking effective team-building, partnership or collaboration in the challenge to build and retain competitive advantage through innovation in value driven propositions for the modern enterprise.