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Imagine, getting access to all the mapping you want without having to buy all the mapping data sets you need.

emapsite View opens up the possibilities for you business - it's our OGC/Restful compliant web services for desktop GIS and many third party software platforms, giving you access to a huge range of open data and licensed data without needing to purchase the datasets themselves.

Everyone benefits when they can see things on a map. Visualisation is an incredibly powerful business intelligence tool. emapsite View lets you deliver mapping content on demand to the people who need - not limiting them to specific datasets - which makes sure you get maximum value from the content you have bought (without paying over the top for data you don't need).

National Tree Map data shown in emapsite view application


It's straightforward and easy to deploy, and as it's OGC compliant, there's no better way to pick and mix mapping for the people using location data in your organisation.

OGC Standards - more value from mapping

As you’d expect, licensed Ordnance Survey data meets Open GeoSpatial Consortium (OGC) standards. However, so does a huge range and variety of other licensable and open data, which means that emapsite View opens up a world of possibilities – because there’s more than one mapping dataset that may meet your needs.

With emapsite View in place, you get access to more ‘always on’ web map services you can imagine – and, as we make sure the datasets you’re accessing are always up to date, that means no worries about data currency for you.

Standards mean confidence, that’s what we believe. emapsite View supports Standards Web Map Service (WMS), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) – and whichever software you’re using, (ESRI, Autodesk, Cadcorp, PBBI MapInfo, QGIS, OpenLayers), there’s a team to support your set-up and ongoing use of the system. 

Is it easy to set up emapsite View? Yes. It’s a one-time process for each user, with the admin tools to track and record (and report on) who’s using what data, when, and how much.

Why use emapsite View?

You’ll save money, and get access to a huge amount of data without needing to purchase the datasets themselves – it’s that simple.

Typically, enterprise-sized customers are telling us that 45 or more man days are lost every year, having to handle the kind of updates and administration to an in-house systems that would deliver the same kind of service – whereas we take care of that all for you.

Via emapsite View your team gets access to the biggest range of location data you can imagine, without needing to purchase or maintain the data sets involved. Plus, the multi-layered functionality of emapsite View gives your teams more insights than they’d have with an in-situ, single set of data.


In many ways, perhaps the biggest benefit of emapsite View is the amount of time it puts back into your business – freeing up people to get on with core business, undistracted by unknown overheads.databases to load, no overhead management costs

  • OGC compliant – WMS, WMTS, WFS
  • Compatible with ESRI, Autodesk, Cadcorp, PBBI MapInfo, QGIS, OpenLayers and more
  • Provides access to multiple layers of content
  • Easy to use, making mapping (and other data) more accessible
  • Easy to integrate with other business applications
  • Fully supported by a UK-based team, on hand to help

Who uses emapsite View?

emapsite view service customers - Network Rail, City Fibre and Welsh Government

How much is emapsite View?

It’s the right question – and we’re here to give you the answer. We’ll need to know a little bit about the size of your organisation, and how you’d like to use emapsite View – but it costs nothing to have a quick chat (we’ll even call you)…

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Or, try MyView

We know every organisation needs to work in a different way. If the range of functionality in emapsite View is far more than you need, then you may prefer one of our 'lite' versions - MyView Public Sector or MyView Commercial.

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emapsite myview PSMA application logo

MyView for Public Sector may be ideal if you need just a little more data than you're getting under the PSMA or OSMA

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emapsite view service marketing illustration

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MyView Commercial is an alternative 'lite' web mapping service for the commercial sector.

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