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The low-cost, low-risk web mapping service, built for the Public Sector.

MyView PSMA helps you and your organisation get maximum value from the Public Sector and One Scotland Mapping Agreements.

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More data, fewer headaches

Under the PSMA/OSMA you can access licensed data from OS that's essentially free at the point of use.  However, as we know, there's still a cost involved in managing that service. What's more, OS data is comprehensive but sometimes it's not quite enough - so we created MyView Public Sector.

It's simple: instead of needing to store OS data, run six-weekly updates, and roll out changes across the different applications in your organisation... MyView gives you everything you need (and more).

Imagine integrating DCLG data, Environment Agency data, HM Land Registry data and more with ease - and never having to worry about running an OS update again. With MyView Public Sector in place, all the data you need can be viewed via your GIS or published in a web server.

More data, always up to date, zero maintenance overheads

MyView Public Sector removes your infrastructure maintenance costs, and instead, gives you a low-cost, low-risk content feed of PSMA/OSMA licensed data PLUS access to other open sources, too.

MyView Public Sector means you can scale back your overheads but, if you want to, also scale up to include other licensed content of even data you've surveyed and captured yourself.

Why choose MyView Public Sector?

  • Fast, reliable access to location intelligence
  • No need to store and manage large amounts of data
  • Guaranteed to be up to date (zero updates for you to do)
  • Scalable - add in your own datasets
  • Access via GIS or publish in a web browser

Which datasets can you access?

  • MyView provides more content and mapping layers as standard than any other supplier's service:
  • Ordnance Survey data licensed under the PSMA/OSMA
  • Access to open data that includes DCLG, Historic England, Environment Agency, Natural England, Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural Resources Wales, GroundSure, HM Land Registry and more

Too good to be true?

Try it and see. We're more than happy to set up a free trial - just let us know that you'd like to try MyView Public Sector and we'll make that happen. It costs nothing to have a quick chat (we'll even call you)...

Let's do this!