Transforming your business

What we do matters to us, of course it does, but what you want to achieve and how we can help you achieve that matters a whole lot more.

Our mission is to be the trusted source of reliable location and mapping data, the continual innovator, the provider of exceptional user experience and the enabler to help you transform your business using location data. 

And that mission has been evolving for nearly 2 decades.

Our online mapping portal

To many of our customers, we are simply 'the mapshop' - somewhere you can quickly license and download the most detailed and up-to-date data for your area, site, point or portfolio of interest. We bring together data from over 30 providers including household names such as Ordnance Survey and the Environment Agency together with more specialised and bespoke data creators and our own array of value added and derived data products.

This wealth of data is coupled with tools that allow you to create and share your own plans, to obtain bespoke reports for underground assets and risk profiling and to easily share data with contractors and stakeholders using the unique ContractorLink.

These online products and services have continued to evolve in response to feedback from and engagement with you, the customer and that process is ongoing.

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Web Mapping Services

Since 2006 - truly an age in internet digital economy time - our services have been underpinned by quality assured, on-demand 'web map services'.

We were the first to launch commercial OGC compliant Web Map Services (WMS) for OS MasterMap that year. While the OGC standards body has published many other standards (WMTS, WFS, WCS being of note), other de facto standards and methods have emerged that together have really opened up location content (or spatial data or geoinformation) for more than 'just' visualisation. Our web APIs embed these standards providing our customers with coherent programmable access to all our location data resources.



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Taking your location analytics to a new level

In a nutshell, our web API's can give your business location analytics on-demand.

That may be as simple as requesting an image, but it's so much more than that - search, query, analyse, compare, model, mash-up, combine - whatever it is, gain insight, confirm (or not) your hunches, act faster, act smarter, about what you have and where you have it, be more effective, seek and find better value.

The choice is yours

Choose a location, choose some data, choose to provide us with your own data, choose your partners, choose your contractors, choose your criteria, choose your risk appetite, choose how you interact, choose results, fast - choose emapsite.

These days, nearly every piece of data you choose, has some form of location information attached to it, either directly (XY, lat-long, postcode, address, UPRN etc) or indirectly (i.e. it's about an asset, a property, a location in some shape or form).

Big data, little data, the sensor-web, IoT devices by the billion, smart meters/grids/lights/cities, your mobile, your IP address, your travel data - that location element is ever-present. Then there's satellite imagery, aerial photography, UAVs, drones, connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs), CCTV, ANPR, loyalty cards, iBeacons. And then there's all the data collected about us and where will live and work - surveys, polls, census, maps, 'geographies', those sometimes mysterious but most often administrative invisible lines on the map that represent some form of boundary or zone of aggregation.

Census output areas, wards, local nature reserves, utility boundaries, crime, flood, subsidence, monuments, greenspace, broadband, pipelines, SSSIs and National Parks, the list is almost endlessly rich and enriching.

Location data is everywhere and gives so much rich possibility for understanding your world better and all of the above is available from emapsite.

Plugging into your business processes

To enrich your decision making you need to bring new place based data to your challenge, while combining it with your skill set, in your domain and with your tools.

Our core solutions are for GIS, CAD, 3D modelling where they fit with BIM/PAS1192 and with the global GI giants - Google, ESRI, Pitney Bowes

But location data (or even big data) needs to be harnessed by developers, integrators, bedroom coders to fit into and benefit their chosen systems, processes and platforms. From Salesforce to SAS, from Tableau and Qlik to Bluemix and so much more, location content can literally plug into the full enterprise tool set - BI, CRM, enterprise resource planning, asset management, supply chain management.

Perhaps more importantly vertical industry point solutions, in insurance, in financial services, in transport, in facilities management, in acquisitions and disposals, in planning, in routing, in waste, in housing, in environmental protection, in fact everywhere, are finding that they can plug location data in and make a difference, save money, gain new insight, gain time.

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But why emapsite?

If you know us already, chances are you already think location matters and that everything happens somewhere, but you may be wondering how to take the next step in realising the benefits. 

If you are new to emapsite, then welcome, and if you've got this far, you know location matters.

You've all come to the right place, for location content, for location data analytics, for location intelligence and for location services.

Spatial may no longer be as special as it used to be - but for many it is not a core competency, while it IS our defining competency.

emapsite guarantees to bring you location data services for the most detailed, up to date data sets for Great Britain, when you want and how you want.

We will support you - we have the best people managing the best data so that we can provide the data for you to work with to deliver better outcomes.