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1992 GISL Limited founded by Co-founders James Cutler and Justin Saunders
1993 First ER Mapper PC license in Europe purchased by GISL Limited
Major projects in Ethiopia (3 years), Namibia, Oman

1994 GISL open office in Namibia

1995 Major projects in Ghana, Belize, Nigeria, India and for EU (JRC/DG Agri)

1996 GISL open office in Ghana
Major projects and activity in Yemen, Georgia, Russia
Beginning of major GISL projects in Mongolia (2 years) and Northern Ireland (Environment and Heritage Service - 3 years)

1997 Major projects in Ghana, Nepal, Malawi and Egypt

1998 Major projects in Namibia, Ghana and Nigeria (2 years) plus engagement with Environment Agency in England

1999 ER Mapper launch Image Web Server

GISL build demo site of what is to become emapsite in time for GIS Conference ‘99
Major GISL projects in Lesotho, China, Maldives, Mongolia

2000 emapsite founded
Ordnance Survey and getmapping on board as suppliers, 20 others follow
Private sector investment secured
www.emapsite.com launched June 2000
GIS 2000 carries major spread on public launch of emapsite

2001 Develop map-centric kiosks for Camden café (now Starbucks)

2002 First accredited Ordnance Survey Platinum Partner
Develop map printing kiosk for Ordnance Survey and English Tourist Board
Final major GISL assignment in Mozambique

2003 Website #2
MultiMap online partner for professional mapping

2004 StreetsAhead launched
Working with Qinetiq on Maps-on-Tap
Develop (with others) short-lived pocketroutes.com for sharing and printing routes
Develop XPlume integrated mapping solution for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

2005 OS Platinum Partner of the Year, runner-up
Partner with ER Mapper in delivering major image storage, management, retrieval and visualisation solution for Shell plc

2006 Website #3
plans ahead launched
Appointed with AU Enterprises to run National MapPilot for Schools by Becta
OS Platinum Partner of the Year, runner-up

2007 Appointed to major application development in marine/offshore engineering sector

2008 Team now 14 full time and 6 part time
Part of successful Infotech Enterprises Europe Limited consortium for listing under all 3 lots of the GIS component of the Government e-procurement service Catalist
Winner OS Innovative Service of the Year award
Awarded OS Premier Partner status