Unlocking the power of geospatial data

We apply our expertise to support you in leveraging yours. We deliver geospatial data and insight that others can't see, to help our customers build competitive advantage in their sector, whilst driving towards Net Zero.

Our Values

  • Customer-centric - we are an agile and flexible expert team, dedicated to excellence in customer experience

  • Innovative - Our story is one of deep expertise and continuous innovation to deliver competitive advantage for our customers.

  • Sustainable - We are committed to sustainability as an organisation, and for our customers, through our solutions.


Our Solutions

Intuitive, scalable and sustainable

We have delivered differentiated value for the Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy, and Infrastructure industries for 20 years.

Our geospatial data driven solutions are intuitive, fit for purpose and scalable. Our spatialise products and solutions deliver geospatial insight to locate and overcome some of the most challenging industry issues. We support our customers to anticipate risk, realise opportunities and accelerate digital transformation.

The deeper insight delivered by our solutions significantly enriches remote understanding and decision making, reducing travel time and environmental impact. Whether enhancing pricing models in Insurance; waste and asset management across Energy and Infrastructure, or 5G roll out for Telecommunications companies. 

Our People

Your expert partners

We are proud of our 20-year heritage of customer-driven innovation. We are a small and agile team of specialist location data experts, with deep cross sector expertise in Insurance, Telecommunications, Energy, and Infrastructure. 

Our holistic understanding and flexibility mean we can dynamically anticipate and respond to our customers’ current and future needs, enabling ongoing scalability to deliver on sustainable growth.

Management Team

  • Rich Pawlyn, Managing Director

  • Susan Harvey, Finance Director

  • Daniel Slater, Sales Director

  • Tim Higgins, Technical Director

  • Jo Curtis, Head of Marketing

  • Clare Higgins, Head of Customer Operations

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Land & Property

Location data insights that deliver hidden value to the land and property industry.

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Intelligence for insurers and financial services: we can spatialise that data that helps you assess risk, find opportunities, and mitigate loss.

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Energy & Infrastructure

Our insights add value to your planning, roll-out, and management of assets – our service deliver data efficiency to your contractors.

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Public Sector

Surface the insights that bring down costs and deliver more citizen-focused services.

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