Simple, seamless and sustainable

Spatialise combines geospatial information, premium data and project-focused ML/AI to reveal the transformative insight that's hidden within. 

The information we unlock enables evidence-based decision-making. Provides measurable commercial value. And empowers our clients' sustainability objectives.

What is Spatialise?

Unlock the hidden value of your data with geospatial intelligence.

Improve your decision-making.

Gain competitive advantage.

Interpret your most complex datasets.

Accelerate towards Net Zero.

Let us drive spatial intelligence for your organisation, with Spatialise.


Driving Net Zero

With Spatialise, Insight from Emapsite, our products and solutions are designed to accelerate your goals in seeking to achieve Net Zero.

We achieve this by providing reliable long-term solutions for sustainability. Aiding you in streamlining processes and systems to limit energy usage for your business. Working together, we can help you to:

  • Make better use of your assets, reducing site wastage and ensuring its reallocation through the innovative leveraging of enriched location data.
  • Enable more seamless interoperability of systems and available data - reducing energy usage of segregated systems.
  • Better coordinate siteworks or roadworks through informed remote planning.
  • Negate unnecessary travel for assets that can be managed remotely - reducing emissions.

Industry-wide Solutions

For over 20 years, we've partnered with leading enterprise and SME organisations.

We automate and streamline their processes and systems. In the last 24 months alone, we’ve helped transform the geospatial strategies of multiple FTSE 250 companies. Providing vital location insight across sectors such as:

  • Insurance, Financial Services, and Banking
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Engineering and Environment
  • Land and Property
  • Public Sector

Working collaboratively, we’ve blended geospatial data and predictive modelling analyses to pinpoint fresh, new value in existing data. Using geospatial insight to locate and overcome some of the most challenging industry issues.


How can Spatialise help drive your business forward?

Spatialise is all about using location intelligence to drive commercial value for your business.

All whilst delivering on your sustainability objectives.

With Spatialise, we surface hidden value through predictive modelling, customised data enhancement, and much more. Thanks to our project-focused AI and machine learning solutions, we can scale these processes with ease.

Accelerating your work to overcome complex business challenges such as:

- Developing more detailed views of risk for underwriting challenges.

- Using demographic analysis to find valuable, alternative land, and property opportunities.

- Forecasting business scenarios – such as leaking pipes, flood risks, or vegetation growth.

- Finding niche insights – using vegetation and property analysis to improve your operations.

Working/Partnering with Spatialise

In just the last 24 months, we’ve partnered with FTSE 250 companies in order to reveal opportunity, reduce risk, and to overcome their common industry challenges.

Using geospatial insight, we can also help to answer key points about your business.

- How do we save time by planning works better - sending one crew to fix two problems?

- From what we already know, what can we learn when the data is arranged to reveal adjacency?

- Can we address problems in the box marked too difficult by blending geospatial information with our existing data?

Leading businesses such as Lloyds Banking Group, SSE, Network Rail, Galbraith, Taylor Wimpey, and China Taiping, have already entrusted us with delivering new insights with our spatialise solution.

We have worked in partnership to reveal opportunity, reduce risk, and overcome common industry challenges.

Work with us, and let’s overcome your biggest challenges. All through the power of location.


Spatialise Products

Working directly with our clients, we’ve developed solutions explicitly designed to meet specific industry challenges. 

  • > Risk and Perils
  • > Spatial reference to ‘addressable’ data
  • > Commercial Property Intelligence


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Spatialise Data Solutions

Solutions we’ve designed to help our customers tap into location data in order to solve their specific industry challenges. Ranging from well-known mapping data from leading suppliers, to disparate silos of geospatial data.


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Spatialise R&D

Spatialise is about our team and your organisation working together in partnership to drive insight and commercial impact. Providing business intelligence through location data and spatial ‘alchemy’.

Work with us, and let’s use our collaborative expertise to solve your biggest challenges.


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