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Access a huge range of data

At Spatialise, we have access to a huge range of data. Everything ranging from well-known mapping data from leading suppliers, to disparate silos of geospatial data such as planning constraints and ownership.

Working together, we can select the data components and platform to create a solution that’s right for you. Supporting you to solve business challenges whilst driving towards Net Zero.

Tap into Geospatial Data

Spatialise is not just about the ‘reselling’ of location data.

Our data solutions leverage static, dynamic, and real-time geospatial information to solve mission and business-critical challenges specific to your industry. 

With Spatialise, we combine our location intelligence and industry expertise with your business data. Merging processes and workflows to improve your specific industry and organisational challenges.

Pinpointing fresh, new value in existing data.

Access our data catalogue to see what we have ‘under the bonnet’.


Client-Specific Solutions

We help our customers tap into a huge range of available geospatial industry data.

Curating, amalgamating, and processing a vast collection of information into our platform, products, and solutions. Accelerating your work to overcome complex business challenges.

Using this data, Spatialise can:

  • locate basements – a particular risk for Insurers and Utility Companies - by mining data from sources such as planning applications and building age to build a likely match.
  • help calculate risk, or indeed opportunity, by using ‘proximity to’ things like rivers (flood), trees (subsidence), as well as relevant social demographics.


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