Empowering insurance with location data

For insurers, competitive advantage hinges on clarity of insight, and the right location data can transform your risk-based decision-making.

Expense, data accuracy and dataset comparison efficiency are just a few common concerns for those working in risk and data management, underwriting or procurement. But whatever your specific challenge is, we have the answer.


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What's your address data challenge?

We guarantee to deliver real improvements that you'll value. By delivering the most comprehensive data. In the most cost-effective way.

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What’s your address data challenge?

Alongside quality, accessing location data at the right price is often a primary obstacle.

And even when equipped with the right data, scrutinising multiple datasets can be tricky and time-consuming. Does your current system give you the analysis you need right down to address-level?

Can you link PAF to UPRN? Is your climate-related insight such as flood, robust enough?

From cutting costs to creating smarter decisions around risk, we guarantee we can provide you with an answer that meets your needs – and more




Critical insight for insurers

The location data we provide is consistently up-to-date and can reveal pinpoint accurate, property-level intelligence.

AddressBase Premium: The most detailed address dataset in Great Britain.

AddressBase Core: Featuring over 33 million UPRN-linked addresses.

Addressible: Our complete address product – and the most cost-effective.

Risk data: Seamlessly blended external datasets for risk factors like flood, subsidence, future planning and resilience, proximity to risk, and more.

Trusted Partners

At Emapsite, we’re an assured partner for all types of property insurer from big brands to specialist service providers, and across all types of cover, from home to commercial. We supply data intelligence to many FTSE 100 companies. Flexibility, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness are guaranteed. And in case you do need a hand, our dedicated support team will be there to give you guidance. Whenever you need it.

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