Emapsite Express

The efficient way to access your licensed data.

Emapsite Express is a low-cost service that offers an efficient way to access your licensed data. You and your colleagues can access and use the geographic data you hold and license in whatever format suits your specific needs.  


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How does Emapsite Express work?

What are the benefits?

We manage the most up-to-date geographic data from all popular sources. We give you access to all your licensed mapping via the Emapsite cloud. Once the service is activated you can download custom data in a few minutes through a simple process:

  • Search by location/OS grid ref/upload GIS file
  • Draw bounding box/polygon to extract
  • Define what mapping layers you need
  • Select from wide list of CAD/GIS or image formats
  • Allocate or reference to a project
  • Instant processing and data download 
  • Always on, always up to date, always works
  • Eliminate unnecessary GIS software licences
  • Can be configured as a self-service portal or used as powerful supporting software by an administrator.
  • Avoid duplication of effort and improve staff efficiencies
  • Mitigate against unintentional misuse of licensed data
  • Keep projects moving with application-ready data

This all looks good

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