Commercial Property Intelligence

The new business intelligence dataset, built for telecoms network planning.


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What is Commercial Property Intelligence?

Commercial Property Intelligence is a business intelligence dataset that holds address, property, and building ownership details – plus detailed geo-location information.   

We created this business intelligence dataset specifically with telecoms providers in mind who are delivering the Government’s broadband network rollout. Operators and third-party suppliers who want to make better decisions about planning, network design, and network construction and maintenance.  

Commercial Property Intelligence provides the location data you need to make more confident telecoms network planning decisions.

> Improve your planning capability 

> Identify new business opportunities and potential problems  

> Boost confidence in route planning and roll-outs 

> Reduce the costs of network asset management  

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How does Commercial Property Intelligence work?

emapsite's Commercial Property Intelligence dataset is delivered in CSV format, with a file of ownership polygons for ingestion into your own GIS. It comprises 

  • HM Land Registry polygons, enriched with commercial ownership data 
  • Property Market Intelligence records (data provided by Market Location Ltd) 
  • Addressible records, holding all the details you need to geo-locate official addresses and properties comprehensively in 108 postcodes (England and Wales) 
  • Annual subscription, refreshed quarterly 
  • Lead times dependent on your chosen area of interest 


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Telecoms - A Logistics Challenge

You want to minimise rollout costs and we understand the value you put on enriched market information – guiding you to the areas in which service-uptake is most likely.  

Commercial Property Intelligence is the dataset you need to show where, for example, a fibre-network should be sited to serve the maximum number of potential customers.  

  • For serviced offices: discover who owns the building, which businesses work there – is this a high-target area – how do you contact these organisations? 
  • For owner occupied business: which types of business are trading here, with how many employees, using telecoms in which likely scenarios? 
  • For multi-occupancy residential areas: how many individual addresses would you be servicing, is it social housing – and how many families are likely to live there? 

Why use Emapsite's online services?

Emapsite is a leading provider of spatially enabled business intelligence products. Whether you’re taking data direct or as downloads, we can offer you a competitive advantage – you’ll have the support of experts who understand your sector, just the way you do.    

> We have a long-standing reputation for delivering location data and business intelligence excellence – quality, quantity, capability, and cost. 

> Our telecoms sector experience lets us innovate and deliver products that are user-friendly, insightful, and above all valuable to you.  

> And the Emapsite team is always on hand to provide support, as well as helpful advice from geospatial experts who understand your industry’s challenges. 


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