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We offer our expertise so you can leverage yours, and we like to do this through Emapsite events, news and practical support.

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Past Emapsite Events 2023

GeoCom Conference 2023

Intelligent Geospatial for a Sustainable Future

5th December 2023.

GeoCom is the AGI's flagship event and the conference brings together the geo community. Emapsite are in attendance, along with our colleagues at IDOX plc, LandHawk and thinkWhere. 

For live updates connect with us on the official Emapsite LinkedIn page.




Geospatial Commission Public Sector & PSGA Conference 2023

We are joining leaders and experts at Geospatial Commission Public Sector & PSGA Conference 2023. Come and find out why Emapsite is your PSGA partner for Ordnance Survey data and much more.

Monday, 7 November - Edinburgh

Tuesday, 21 November - London

Thursday, 23 November - Leeds

Tuesday, 28 November - Cardiff

To find out more about how Emapsite can help you get more out of the PSGA visit our Public Sector page or connect with us on the official Emapsite LinkedIn page. While you're here why not enter our Free Prize Draw below to win a fabulous hamper!




Geospatial Commission Public Sector & PSGA Conference 2023 prize draw

Enter our prize draw for an amazing hamper. We are planting a tree for each entry received.


Entries are now closed. 

Emapsite at Connected Britain


Connected Britain – High Speed Connectivity for Britain's Future

Emapsite are exhibiting at Connected Britain: 20/9/23 - 21/9/23.


We'll share more information over the coming weeks. Meantime, to connect with Emapsite's Natalie Stevens, who will be in attendance on the stand, click here

Connect with us on the official Emapsite LinkedIn page


Emapsite at UKREiiF


UKREiiF – The UK’s Real Estate Investment and Infrastructure Forum

Exhibition information:

Emapsite: Stand G40, UKREIIF.
In attendance: Dan, Sarah and Ben.

This annual event is one of the leading events for the land & property sector – every core UK city and region is involved.

Connect with us on the official Emapsite LinkedIn page





The space around us is filled with opportunity. 

Empower your land and property decision-making with location data. 

Go from data to insight to action quicker than the competition.

At Emapsite, we create and curate mapping and location data that can transform the way you do business.

- Spot trends, predict eventualities and make better-informed decisions.

- Assess, manage and adapt your land and property assets and strategies.

- Revolutionise your sustainability agenda or ESG reporting.

Discover how geospatial intelligence can transform your organisation. 

Download the Emapsite Land Vision Whitepaper

Using location data to assess, manage and adapt your land and property assets.

Front cover of the PDF provided with the words Land Vision

The ESRI UK Annual Conference 2023

May 16 2023

This is the UK’s largest in-person GIS event. At the ESRI UK Annual Conference, we’d love to catch up and perhaps share some insights around latest case studies – how we’ve been helping our clients to deliver best practice, across every sector. Book in for a 1-to-1 with the team – Nat, Fiona and Rich will all be on site, all day.

We look forward to seeing you there...


Utility Week Live

May 16-17 2023

We’ll be in Birmingham on both days, and look forward to catching up with you there. Utility Week Live promises ‘unmissable inspiration and fresh’ – and if you book a 1-to-1 with the team, we can guarantee unique insights about some of the work we’ve been doing in this sector over the last 12 months. Emapsite’s location data partnerships are driving down costs and improving safety and efficiency in utilities, nationwide.

Catch up with Nat and Dan on site.

Book a 1-to-1 with Nat, Book a 1-to-1 with Dan.



May 17 – 18 2023

We’d love to see you at GeoBusiness – it’s one of the best events for data curators and processors to catch up, face to face, and discover what’s changing in location data. Dan will be at the event, but it’s going to be busy.

Book a 1-to-1 with Dan or Fiona, and bring us up to speed with your latest news.


The Industrial & Logistics Conference 2023

May 3-4 2023

The Industrial & Logistics Conference is one of the leading forums for agents, developers, investors, occupiers, and innovators, and we’ll be on site, on 3 and May.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how location data contributes to sector success, get in touch with Emapsite's Ben Ruhrmund who was in attendance.



Housing Brighton 2023

May 10-11 2023

At Housing Brighton 2023, we’ll be catching up with colleagues to discuss the major challenges being faced across the area. Dan will be on site, so book in for a 1-to-1 on either day, and find out how Emapsite can help you develop housing best practice...