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We reduce the cost of finding competitive advantage for insurers

Every insurer needs policy insights that will substantiate their pricing. We provide the means to differentiate - at a price you can afford, in a way that helps your business.

Without disrupting your internal models, we can add new dimensions of insight that reveal what happens, where. Who to insure, how, why, and for how much.

Previously, this kind of insight was too complex and too expensive. But why buy what you don’t need? Our team delivers precise insights – mapped to your products and your proposition – via geocoding, address matching, image analysis, queries and innovative intelligence modelling.

What do we offer?

Standalone projects, spatial data services, and bespoke data analysis at the fraction of the cost you might imagine.

  • Unique risk insights tailored to your product
  • Perils data – integrated to your systems or standalone
  • Broader intelligence sets, visualised easily
  • ‘Nearest to’ data that will inform your pricing models
  • Machine learning to surface deeper risk analysis
  • Basic flood, structure, subsidence and peril dashboards
  • ‘One Customer’ insights and data aggregation


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Unique risk profiling

A lot of underwriting is, at heart, based on generic parameters. A car has a known engine, fuel system, and probable resale value. A house or a business premise was built in a precise location and that is unlikely to change.

With that in mind, many insurance brokers and insurance providers are looking for new ways to differentiate their risk profiles – ways to surface formative data such as previous claims, commercial integrity, and real-time clarification about property ownership, all of which might reveal insights to inform a policy’s underwriting.


What's more, managing those terabytes of geographic data is no mean feat, but we have the platform and the experiences to not only manage it, but also keep it up to date - removing the painful and regular overhead from in-house IT departments (which may not be familiar with location data).


“What would let us re-evaluate the risk profile of these customers’ houses?”


Spatialising risk for competitive advantage

Local social demographics, for example, might give a new view on the likelihood of break-ins in a specific area. Crime statistics themselves are a mine of useful information. And weather reports and arboriculture data can deliver informed views about the likelihood of subsidence.

We have much of this information in-house already. We’ve have had great success, blending all kinds of external datasets with our clients’ own data – often taking an innovative approach and surfacing unexpectedly profitable insights. Our spatialising techniques provide a unique dimension to risk profiling: one view of a customer, a client, and an asset, with all the detail needed to gain a competitive edge.

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