Sustainability at Emapsite

Emapsite is carbon neutral

At Emapsite we're committed to
being a carbon neutral company.

We're doing our part in creating a better future for our customers, employees and the community by offsetting our carbon footprint. We do this by planting trees and funding climate projects, we are helping to finance carbon reduction projects around the world.


Sustainable development goals

Working in partnership with Ecologi, the projects we have contributed to include preventing the emission of 245,015 tonnes of CO2 every year through a wind power project in Mexico.

A further project is preventing the emissions of 226,978 tonnes of CO2e each year by supporting the first ever wind power project in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Replacing energy in the national grid generated from burning fossil fuels with energy from wind power. 

Our money also goes towards supporting projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. 

Our impact so far

To date emapsite have offset 12 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to:

- 9 long haul flights

- 36 meters square of sea ice saved

- 29,772 miles driven in a car.

We are committed to tree planting, stay tuned for more.

We'll be posting again when we achieve our next goal.