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Improve business decisions with Geospatial Web Services and Query API Products, with lower costs and less hassle.

Emapsite's online service products are designed to cater to customers who want to focus on their core business activities while relying on Emapsite's expertise to host, manage, and maintain their geospatial databases and datasets. These services are available in two forms: "Pre-licensed" and "Transactional."

By leveraging Emapsite's Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant web services and Query-API (REST API) products, customers can easily answer business questions that are influenced by geography. They can explore geospatial features and their relationships, extracting valuable insights from their business data. This ability to derive new meaning from the original data can significantly transform decision-making processes and uncover untapped business opportunities.

Let us handle the technology so that you can focus on your business. Our OGC web services and database query services give you more consistency business-wide, more flexibility, and improved access to a wide range of datasets ... without the disruption of setting up a new team or system.


Emapsite’s suite of OGC web services enables teams to collaborate with confidence, by accessing the widest range of datasets using the same trusted data sources, 24/7.

- Get unlimited access to licensed datasets from household names such as Ordnance Survey, HM Land Registry and Environment Agency

- Get access to datasets maintained and verified by specialist publishers – bespoke datasets managed on your behalf, combined with insights from in-house datasets.

- All services are delivered from the Emapsite Azure platform, using the robust infrastructure and capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

- Reducing IT overheads and minimise the burden of administering data licences.

- Guaranteed quality and currency of data, reducing the risk of errors and increasing the value of your own datasets.

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Flexible options to meet your business needs

Companies have differing requirements when it comes to accessing geospatial data, so we offer a range of packages to suit your business need. Emapsite's services are available in two distinct forms - "Pre-licensed" and "Transactional"

The "Pre-licensed" services are suitable for customers who already possess a valid license for a specific dataset. With these services, Emapsite's data professionals host, manage, and maintain the geospatial database and datasets on behalf of the customer. The customer can leverage Emapsite's expertise and infrastructure while using their own licensed dataset.

"Transactional" services include the cost of dataset licensing within the overall tariff. This means that customers who opt for these services don't need to acquire separate licences for the datasets they use. Emapsite takes care of the dataset licensing as part of the service, allowing seamless access to the geospatial data you need.


Whichever option you choose, Emapsite geospatial services comply with OGC standards, ensuring interoperability and compatibility with other systems and applications, leaving you to focus on your business goals while relying on the expertise and support of Emapsite's data professionals.

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Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Compliant Services



Which web service is right for me?

 OGC Compliant  Yes  Yes  Yes
 Returns A single geo-referenced image rendered at multiple scales in a GIS Pre-rendered tileset at specific scales. The requested selection of features including geometry and attribute values. 
Use the service for Zoom though the most detailed mapping, ideal for a small business enterprise Scales infinitely and produces a faster map service Querying a dataset and retrieving features and feature definition for analysis (property names and types). 

Query API Services

Emapsite’s Query APIs provide a seamless method for your software application to access and retrieve results from a specific dataset or layer, containing a pre-defined set of attributes.

Designed to be integrated into software applications by your developers, our Query APIs allow you to tap into a vast information store without needing to maintain the underlying data, reducing your IT overheads. What's more, because our geospatial experts keep the information up to date, you know your teams are working with the best data to get better results, faster. 

Our flexible services cover both service access and licensing of the dataset(s), also referred to as 'layers', under the terms of a transactional license. We offer a tariff structure that includes an 'allowance' for using the service, allowing a maximum number of calls per day for a contracted period of one year.

Why use Emapsite's online services?

Emapsite is the trusted source for an extensive range of reliable mapping data. We’re also a leading provider of spatially enabled business intelligence products.

  • Our online services give you a competitive advantage – you won’t have to manage the datasets, which means your people can focus on building your business.
  • Our new web services platform is faster than other leading suppliers
  • Your teams will work with greater consistency and have more confidence in the underlying data that supports your results.
  • In addition, all of our services use geofencing to ensure you can consume your existing licensed data with confidence.
  • Your teams will always have access to our brand new customer-facing technical support site.

Plus, our cross-sector experience lets us help your teams to innovate with user-friendly products and insights that deliver a competitive advantage for you and your clients.

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