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Location data is a powerful tool. If you want the right location data for the job, delivered in the way that works best for your business, talk to our teams, today.

Emapsite has teams of mapping and location data experts in:

- Energy and Infrastructure
- Engineering and Environment
- Land and Property
- Insurance, Financial Services and Banking
- Public Sector

Burst industrial water horse

Energy and Infrastructure

Aerial images, 3D models, tree locations, peril data – whatever you need, wherever you’re working, we can deliver the location data to you or your contractors.

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Man climbing onto huge digger in quarry

Engineering and Environment

We work with civil engineers, renewables and environmental specialists, 3D-modellers, foresters and environmentalists.

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Derelict houses

Land and Property

Architects, surveyors, asset managers, housing associations, estate agents and land owners.

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Broken glass in window

Insurance, Financial Services and Banking

Underwriters, insurers, intermediaries, claims managers, loss adjusters – let’s talk about risk, reward, and real-life situations.

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Police Officers on horses in urban environment

Public Sector

OS mapping is free at the point of use via the PSMA, but is it easy to access? We can help you to get more value, faster, every time.

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