Predict water leaks with geospatial intelligence

Why focus on stopping leaks, if affordable innovation could help to predict them?

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All water companies suffer from water leaks. What’s needed, is a way to identify those risks before they become a problem – making it easier to prioritise remedial work.

Our experience with spatial data adds a new dimension to preventing leaks. While most companies are using satellite or aerial imagery to identify problems on the ground as they become visible, we believe we can build a data insights model to predict problems in advance.

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What do we offer?


Broadly speaking, we offer a water company innovative data modelling, spatial data services and data analysis at a fraction of the cost you might imagine.


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> Flexible third party data licensing options to
leverage value from satellite or topographic

> Design leakage models, tailored to your region
and asset register

> Machine learning for deeper risk analysis

> Buildings’ data intelligence at address level

> Arboriculture intelligence, giving insights to
likely root damage

> Subsurface soils and geology

> Environmental and extreme weather impact

> Historic roadworks and maintenance

> Customer profiling

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The key to a successful project is a close working collaboration with the customer, sharing key data and learnings and building on (not replacing) what are often very effective custom processes. By combining these processes with our own expertise, extra insights and the necessary computing capacity, we can derive unique, valuable and affordable insights about future leakage.

There is no single solution to the problem of water leakage, but we do know how to improve predictability that will deliver enough insights to make for a compelling business case.

We invite you to collaborate with us, explore the science and challenge us to make a difference.


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