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Working with the Public Sector

Your organisation probably has a licence for the UK’s most detailed topographic mapping – OS MasterMap – and its associated addressing product, AddressBase.

Ordnance Survey may offer you free access at the point of use via the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) or One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA), but the system isn’t perfect.

  • Have you ever had format issues with OS’s mapping or location data?
  • Are licencing challenges slowing things down across your organisation?
  • Do you have problems sharing data with contractors quickly and easily?

We have a reputation for solving these problems and making life easier all round. We support many organisations across the UK, and our team is here to make sure you’re getting the content you need, not paying for detail and data (and licencing challenges) you don’t.

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Perhaps you're working for a parish council or a town council, or you're engaged in mission-critical blue light, emergency or resilience services.

  • You want to be confident you're making decisions using the most up-to-date data
  • You need experts who'll help you get that data, quickly


If you're working in health, in education, in social care, in grounds maintenance, planning, for highways, housing, leisure or waste... emapsite can help you.

Connecting with Ordnance Survey

We've been an OS Partner for over 15 years.  Many of your colleagues in the Public Sector will know us well already - and the unique products and services we've provided to help make Public Sector services across the UK more efficient and effective.

Sometimes, for example, you'd like to combine OS datasets with your own data or other, third party information sources - and the format is a problem. emapsite can help

Via our Contractor Link platform, Express service and with tailor-made data sets from emapsite to hand... you'll save time and money (and reduce the licensing problems) on 'direct' OS Map services.

Our G-Cloud credentials

emapsite's is an approved supplier on the Government's Digital Marketplace - and we're proud to have been on there since it was introduced as G-Cloud back in 2012.  This platform offers public sector buyers a pre-tendered route to cloud-based products and services.

This means that if you are in a public sector organisation, and you want the benefit of our services, you can get to us quickly and easily. Just search us under the Cloud Hosting, Software and Support section and you’ll find us listed under Cloud Software.

As an Ordnance Survey Premier Partner, we offer comprehensive access to essential data products highlighted in both these agreements such as OS MasterMap and OS VectorMap Local. We also ensure our web services are based on recognised standards such as OGC, WMS, WMTS and WFS.

Leveraging the power of the PSMA

emapsite has worked with the Public Sector for many years building unique solutions that enable efficient and wider access to Ordnance Survey data licensed under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement.


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A unique facility for data licensing and sharing, giving your contractors simple online access to your licensed mapping.

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Your very own data processing hub in the cloud - extract the areas you need from your licensed data in CAD and GIS formats, whenever you need it.

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