Service Level Agreement - Summary of Terms*

Data and Product Supply

emapsite aims to achieve the following service levels in relation to data and products licensed via the emapsite mapshop at

The terms herein and where applicable refence third party supplier licensing (EULA) as supplied

  • All ‘standard’ data to be supplied by emapsite download link within 2 hours
  • All ‘non-standard’** data to be supplied within 12 hours of order (via download link)
  • All reports (except underground asset reports) to be supplied by download link within 24 hours
  • Underground asset reports to be supplied ‘as advertised’ and updated until complete

* Flexible

** Where ‘non-standard’ means a quote has been requested owing to size and complexity of area of interest or other factors including type of data, licensing and usage

Data Services

emapsite will commit to a Data Services Agreement (we have a standard template or are happy to consider customer terms) which will set out the expected service levels.  Typically, these would include:

  • Products
  • Update schedule
  • Format
  • Licence period
  • Usage

Hosted Services

emapsite will normally put in place a Master Services Agreement (MSA, template available on request) to document the terms to which both parties are committing when hosted services are being supplied.  The MSA schedules detail the performance, availability and capacity levels agreed for the requested services, exactly what those services are and provides information on both the architecture behind and maintenance of the supporting business continuity processes.  The following are extracts from a typical customer MSA:


Schedule 1 - Hosting Services

emapsite uses as its benchmark for the delivery of hosted web mapping services the INSPIRE guidelines* Chapter 6 Quality of Services.


WMTS response times are in the range 350-500ms for a single request.



Single service instance has a capacity to meet Performance criteria above at a rate of 20 requests per second (for WMTS)

Sustained 100 requests/second results in stabilised response time of 1.6 seconds/request

Multiple service instances are always available.



The downtime quality measure takes as its starting point that network availability will be 99% i.e. that 100% supplier service availability will always be compromised by issues on the network outside the supplier’s control.  INSPIRE then goes on to indicate that a 99% service availability level is an acceptable quality of service.

emapsite’s current long-term WMS, WFS and WMTS availability stand at 99.938%, 99.967% and 99.99% respectively, indicating that emapsite has in place the necessary low latency solid state infrastructure and continuity planning to maintain quality of service over a long period across a growing portfolio of customers.


System Architecture

emapsite system architecture has the following high level characteristics:

  • Dual zone, single site (Telecity Powergate) facility
  • Multiple servers including two 16-bay blade servers
  • Two switches in each zone
  • Duplicated firewalls
  • All servers are dual power supply from independent power sources
  • Virtualised private cloud model
  • Load balancing by service with a failover/heartbeat redundancy model
  • All key data on RAID-10 arrays
  • Arrays replicated in each zone
  • Original source media stored securely off-premise
  • Load balancing allows for atomic switch over to new front-end, back-end or database servers
    • this is used for minor changes and extension to existing services
    • for major breaking changes a parallel set of front end servers is rolled out, allowing clients to choose their own timing to move across
  • RTO for single failure of commodity equipment is 1 hour of working hours
  • Incremental distributed RPO 5-15 minutes (assumes single zone failure not total facility failure)



Planned maintenance will be notified to affected users at least 10 days ahead of implementation. In general planned maintenance is not expected to impact service delivery owing to the hosting architecture and business continuity plan.  However, emapsite undertakes a risk assessment ahead of planned maintenance and if any such planned maintenance is anticipated to have an impact on or carry some risk to service delivery these will be documented to affected users at least 10 days in advance. Planned maintenance is typically carried out at weekends and overnight.


Any unplanned maintenance necessitated by events will be subject to a risk assessment and direct contact with customer contacts.



emapsite tracks system performance against the above criteria using pingdom and logs customer specific usage in our databases.


Information Security

emapsite and our colocation provided TeleCity Group are ISO27001 certified.  emapsite has adopted UK Government Cloud Security Principles and follows the appropriate guidelines for implementation. This includes provisions for data separation, in-transit and at-rest data.


Commercial arrangements for these Hosting Services are defined in Schedule XX.


Schedule 2 - Business Continuity Plan (BCP)


  • emapsite BCP documented in ISO9001 certified Quality Manual


  • Maintenance of Business Continuity Plan, secured through:
    • Access to the data centre is controlled by access cards, visual and biometric identification, CCTV, breach alarms and controlled physical barriers
    • The data centre has fully redundant power with UPS and diesel generators
    • The infrastructure is dual-powered with twin internet feeds
    • all equipment either being dual-powered or the equipment itself duplicated on separate power sources
    • the network infrastructure is completely duplicated with two sets of network cabling, switches and firewalls
    • The data services are hosted on multiple virtual machines, spread across our hardware, to ensure that no single failure causes an outage
    • All key data is stored on fully mirrored storage arrays with tape backup
    • Elimination of all single points of failure
    • State of the art packet inspection firewall
    • Data and application servers are isolated on separate LANs
    • Fully scalable platform (hardware, bandwidth)
    • Comprehensive testing of all applications
    • Automated failover, reporting and re-start (hardware and software)
    • Continual performance and capacity tracking for future-proofing
    • Full off-site incremental database replication
    • Cold standby with 2-day reinstatement target
    • Network security principles maintained by a domain security policy


Schedule 3 - Services to be provided by the Supplier


Hosting Services


All collocation implementation and operation.  For clarity this includes:

  • All data storage
  • All data processing and delivery including unlimited bandwidth
  • Regular map updates (in accordance with direct supplier updates or supply of specific data and supporting license agreement)
  • Pro-active hardware upgrade cycle
  • Periodic penetration testing and reporting
  • Transaction reporting tools
  • TeleCity colocation facility


Continuous Services

  • OS Data Services via OGC protocols, specifically:
    • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS)
      • OS MasterMap Topography layer
        • 3 zoom levels (Google Maps levels 18,19, 20, approximately equivalent to 1:500, 1:1,000 and 1:2,000 scales)
        • Web Mercator projection
        • Masking to tile boundaries when/where required
      • Web Map Service (WMS)
        • OS MasterMap Topography layer
          • 1 zoom level (Google Maps level 21, approximately equivalent to 1:250 scale)
          • Web Mercator projection
          • Masking to operational/licensed area when/where required
        • For http://org website and applications only
        • 6 weekly* updates


The Customer will provide (and the Supplier will retain) details of each End User Organisation. The Supplier will provide a custom Service End Point for each End User Organisation ensuring that the visible extent of OS MasterMap Topography Layer data is masked to the End User Organisation’s Licensed Area in compliance with Ordnance Survey licensing regulations.

  1. Support Services
  • Technical support as itemised below
    • e. office hours (0900-1730) support by telephone and email for Customer and for named Third Party users
    • 24*7 remote hands managed service provision
    • Notification of any downtime for upgrades to ensure compliance with service continuity for weekends, holidays and out of office hours (see Schedule XX)
    • Confidential contact information for emergencies
  1. Exclusions

The above services do not include:

  • Direct telephone and email support to un-named Third Party users of their clients
  • Direct telephone and email support to Third Party users or Supplier at weekends, during holidays and out of office hours (except via SMS text as detailed above)
  • Application modification to accommodate changes in third party infrastructure (hardware and software) whether hosted by Supplier or otherwise intrinsic to the Customers own
  • Migration to third party servers or outsource infrastructure
  • Training/Transition (see Schedules XX)
  • Other support services (see Schedule XX)



*Subject to updates from Ordnance Survey; emapsite change only update processes ensure updates to all data within 10 days of receipt of data from Ordnance Survey