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Our customers tell us emapsite is one of the UK's foremost trusted location service providers - with location data and mapping services that are second to none:

  • Our Platform - an ISO9001/27001 certified, geospatial cloud service that hosts hundreds of mapping products for tens of thousands of customers.
  • Our Portal - map apps and location data services that work out which data you need, and then deliver it to your desktop.
  • Our People - experts and innovators, all.


Everyone has questions to ask and problems to solve.  At emapsite, we find the answers. 

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Meet the team

Daniel Slater

Director of Sales

Dean Moffitt

Head of Core Markets

Liz Scott

Head of Data and Insights

David Hillier

Senior Account Manager

James Burn

Digital Product Manager

Alex Wall

Geodata Analyst

Jo Curtis

Head of Marketing

Katie Clarke

Client Support Manager