How do I create a Location Plan?

What is a location plan?

A location plan is the “WHERE” aspect of your planning application. It shows where you are proposing your development and will include a fairly large area around the development site.

It is typically submitted at a scale of 1:1250.

What is the purpose of a location plan?

It helps to show wider impact on the location. If your planning authority requests both a block plan and a site plan they will require more detail of the area around the proposed development, details further out than your boundaries.

What should a Location Plan show?

It depicts:

- Nearby roads, buildings and other properties.

- Block plan and site plan The block plan site plan shows the development site at a scale of 1:500 and includes the precise position of:

- The building

- Any other structures inside the boundaries

- Access Roads

- Car Parking

- The land you own.

All these plans are necessary to make an application in the planning process.

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