OS MasterMap Announcement by Geospatial Commission

At emapsite, we always welcome better access to information that can help our customers drive the economy forward. Today’s announcement by the Geospatial Commission on the opening up of OS MasterMap signals a long-term commitment to helping everyone get more value from mapping and location data.

‘Better data, better access’ is also how emapsite works. It’s what we do.

Any mechanism that facilitates the sharing and use of interoperable, high quality, up to date location content is a valuable one. Ease of access and confidence in data sources are also vital – and these criteria are central to emapsite’s products and services. For our customers in the land and property sector, in the insurance, housing, asset management, engineering, environmental, telco and public sector domains – this is excellent news. Ordnance Survey has been on an open data journey since 2010, and emapsite is an OS Partner that’s committed to working collaboratively, with customers and data suppliers alike, and we look forward to hearing details of and contributing to the implementation phase. We’ll be keeping our customers updated with news, and welcome feedback and views on how ‘better data, better access’ will be of value.