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The trusted source of reliable mapping data and spatially enabled business intelligence products.  Our online services are convenient and help customers gain competitive advantage confidently by doing things faster, more consistently and with higher output.

OCG Web Services

Emapsite introduced the first commercial OGC compliant Web Map Service in 2006. Our customers have trusted us ever since to help them make smarter business decisions.  OGC Web Services products are intended for customers who prefer to focus on their business activity. Who have geospatial database and datasets hosted, managed, and maintained by Emapsite professionals.

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Data sharing

Enabling access to data at the right time by the right people helps your organisation to be responsive. Through our data sharing services you are able to authorise colleagues and even external organisations to have access to the data we manage on your behalf.

Ensuring a 'single point of truth' across your projects, our rigorous update schedules provide you with the reassurance that the data we manage on your behalf is always consistent and up to date. 


Emapsite Contractor Link

Speed up access to licensed data for your contractors - removes the headaches for the Public Sector, Utilities, large Asset Portfolio managers, Housing Associations and their Contractors.

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Emapsite Express

Access and use the geographic data you hold and license in whatever format suits your specific needs, across your organisation.  

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