Spatialise your data, reveal its hidden value

Here at emapsite, we have over 20 years’ experience in using spatial data to reveal meaningful insights. This helps you to improve decision-making of all kinds.

We call this process spatialising.

emapsite | Delivering spatial data expertise for over 20 years

For over 20 years, businesses and governments have trusted us to blend spatial data, provide mapping, and deliver predictive modelling that pinpoints fresh, new value in existing data.

  • Where do you need more competitive advantage?
  • What do you know already, that could reveal something you don’t?
  • Do you have a problem that can be overcome by spatialising your data?


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What is Spatialise?

Spatialising means adding value by using our spatial data to reveal your hidden insights.

We specialise in working our magic on your data. Spatialising – using spatial data – is a way to deliver robust, evidence-based solutions for tackling age-old, business problems, overcoming the challenges you’ve put in a box marked ‘can’t be done’.

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Land & Property

Location data insights that deliver hidden value to the land and property industry.

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Intelligence for insurers and financial services: we can spatialise that data that helps you assess risk, find opportunities, and mitigate loss.

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Energy & Infrastructure

Our insights add value to your planning, roll-out, and management of assets – our service deliver data efficiency to your contractors.

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Public Sector

Surface the insights that bring down costs and deliver more citizen-focused services.

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