Spatialise with our geo-location services


Access mapping, use powerful spatial search tools, run queries on the widest range of spatial data. From commercial data licensing or processing on your behalf, to off-the-shelf apps supporting visualisation - the Spatialise team is here to help.

Spatial data services with added value and lower costs

Our Spatialise services will extend your reach to spatial insights via our global data  catalogue. We can make sure your whole team has access to trusted data sources, hosted OGC web map services, and a vast range of commercial data.

Embed these spatial data services in your operations or apps. Grant access to contractors, or use the tools directly via our platform and services.


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  • Embed our Search tools in your applications. 
    Via our OGC/Restful compliant services, users can use address details, street names, postcodes, UPRNs, local authority details and more to find what they're looking for quickly and easily. Ideally suited for desktop GIS and many third party platforms.

  • Run queries across the widest range of spatial data
    Run queries on the fly via a powerful RESTful API – no need to buy the underlying datasets. How tall are these buildings? Who owns these land parcels? How far away are the nearest buried utilities? Planning constraints, environmental perils, risks of all kinds – revealed.

  • Visualise your own data, visualise third party spatial data
    There's no better way to get pick-and mix-mapping used right across your operations - bringing the power of location to your business. Our tools are easy to deploy and OGC compliant, which means you can deliver spatial business intelligence on demand. Unlimited access to the widest range of datasets.
  • Gain confidence in your outcomes via our OGC/Restful compliant services
    Standards mean confidence, that’s what we believe. Our services support Standards Web Map Service (WMS), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and Web Feature Service (WFS) – and whichever software you’re using, (ESRI, Autodesk, Cadcorp, PBBI MapInfo, QGIS, OpenLayers), there’s a team to support your set-up and ongoing use of the system.

  • Bring our expertise on-board, make us part of your team 
    From geo-coding or address matching via our API, to building custom data stacks or processing large amounts of spatially-enriched data on your behalf - we have the teams with the sector expertise to help you overcome the most complex data challenges. Risk ranking perils for example, via innovative use of spatial data against your book; or finding better ways to manage assets or identify opportunities through bespoke visualisations.


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