Spatialise – harness the power of our data platform

As we developed market-leading, artificial intelligence for analysing spatial data, we created a powerful business data platform and a suite of spatial data apps and APIs.

It's a bank of tried-and-trusted geospatial innovation that will give you and your team the confidence to find new answers to age-old problems. You'll be working with an experienced partner, guaranteeing the 'single point of truth' is revealed to your business - and with Data-as-a-Service as an option, that level of integrity is now even more accessible and affordable.

Reduce the cost of sharing, securing, and storing your data

Our spatial data platform can host all of your spatial datasets – removing the in-house IT headaches around integration and access for third parties.

It’s a secure hub. It’s an efficient way to ensure you’re always using the most up-to-date versions of in-house data – and it’s an ideal way to minimise contractor costs.

What's more, with access to our ready-to-go apps like Contractor Link, you can be confident your teams are making the most of your own investment in spatial data resources: letting you provide bespoke sharing and access rights for example, in an integrated ecosystem. 

  • Take advantage of our managed spatial data services
  • Outsource your data processing and storage requirements
  • Use our data teams’ expertise to improve your data quality
  • Open up the managed access to your own data with confidence
  • Distribute data, blend and license your own unique datasets


Reveal unique insights

Spatialise data and secure a competitive advantage

  • Predictive modelling 
  • Off market site finding intelligence
  • Insights and efficiencies through business intelligence


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Access location services

Enrich data, use visualisations to reveal hidden value

  • Achieve a single point of truth
  • Increase access to key data across your business
  • Assure accuracy, currency and data integrity in your data


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