Delivering unique geospatial insights

Use spatial data to surface hidden value with predictive modelling, remote-sensed insights, custom data production and more. Spatialising can pinpoint fresh, new insights for your business.

Let us spatialise your data

Our team spatialises data. We surface unique insights by blending geospatial information with your own data, and then introducing insights from a vast range of external datasets we know well.


Challenge us to spatialise your data


It’s innovation in action - we can build predictive models that create valuable insights and can scale this process with machine learning, accelerating your work to overcome complex business challenges:

  • Developing more detailed views of risk for underwriting challenges such as subsidence
  • Using behavioural analytics to find valuable, alternative land and property opportunities
  • Forecasting business scenarios – such as leaking pipes, flood risks, or vegetation growth
  • Finding niche insights – using vegetation and property analysis to improve your operations


Challenge us to spatialise your data

  • Interrogate emapsite data

  • RESTful interface API

  • Build custom search parameters

  • Compile queries to narrow targeting

  • Site finding for developers

  • Risk ranking for banks and insurers

  • Real insight informs decision making


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A true, new, direct line-of-sight

Many of us take broadband for granted now, but in rural area in particular, connections can still be flaky. We've been working with Wireless Internet Service providers (WISPs) to help them identify those low-speed broadband addresses, and make sure there's a clear line-of-sight for radio technology that can solve the problem.

What's more, when a business is promoting wireless broadband to rural addresses - for commercial and residential customers - it's time-consuming to send surveyors out into the field, to gather line-of-sight information by hand. Doubly so, if it transpires there is no physical line-of-sight and no subsequent sale.


“How can we get line-of-sight data that increases our opportunities and reduces costs?" 

Countryside view with line of site data overlaid

Spatialising for insights about line-of-sight

To overcome this challenge, we've created a service that connects the latest addressing data to height-of-target addresses, to the network of available masts. We can then run multiple point-to-point and point-to-multi-point analysis on line-of-sight through a fresnel zone, taking into account the terrain profile and existence and height of trees and other buildings and structures. 

This makes it ideal as a point solution for telco providers that want to offer these insights direct to potential customers, via an online dashboard, or as a powerful planning tool for planning where to put a profitable and practical network of masts.


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