AddressPollution - A New Product

Identify Air Pollution at Individual Property Levels

AddressPollution is a new dataset that authoritatively identifies levels of air pollution - for particulates from vehicle emissions, domestic heating emissions, wood burning, industry and farming - at every individual property address in Britain

We all know unwanted emissions have an impact on air quality, the well-being of people, and climate change. Reducing those emissions is a key objective for both the public and private sector, and the journey to net zero starts by measuring this progress authoritatively.

Now analysts can depend on AddressPollution – an information-rich, brand new dataset that’s being included in the emapsite's strong portfolio of ESG-related products.

AddressPollution reveals insights that cannot be achieved at postcode level. The team at emapsite was delighted to partner with the Central Office of Public Interest (COPI) to give commercial access to this product, and has used its expertise in managing data to deliver additional insight from this dataset that draws on over 1.5 billion raw data points.

The AddressPollution product shows levels of air pollutants at individual property levels, crucial for working with environment and social governance reporting, or making policies that must consider the impact of pollution on people and the places in which they live and work.

Air pollution may be invisible, but it’s been linked to countless health problems across the country, including asthma, heart disease and even depression. AddressPollution will be an essential intelligence tool for everyone with an interest in air quality, the environment, health in general, and policy-making around healthier lives.  



AddressPollution will be timely and valuable for many different organisations. The World Health Organisation (WHO) provides air quality guideline values, but when it comes to air pollution, there is no official 'safe level'. What is clear is that guidelines are being exceeded in many areas of Britain - and this dataset reveals by how much, and where.

In addition to health concerns, higher levels of pollution are likely to affect property saleability too, as buyers and lenders look to environmental considerations more and more. Air pollution is a key factor in the suite of risks and perils on the minds of insurers, mortgage lenders, and organisations working in not only highways but also local government, and the land and property sector. Air pollution affects us all: Nitrogen dioxide and tiny particulate matter pollutants (PM10 and PM2.5) cause health conditions such as asthma, COPD, coronary heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer. Exposure to air pollution is estimated to cause millions of deaths and the loss of healthy years of life.

AddressPollution provides air pollution readings for every address registered in emapsite's Addressible product (built on Royal Mail Postcode Address File, PAF) for each of the pollutants. It also provides a standardised total and a percentile group score for air pollution.

AddressPollution is accessible as a Query-API service, feeding direct into the heart of business systems, or as CSV file that's ready for using in any compatible software.

For pricing, interested users are invited to contact emapsite direct. Licences will take the form of 12-month contracts, and cover the whole of Great Britain.


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