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Getting to grips with pricing, quality, and licensing admin can take the shine off working with the location data you’ve bought. Is your licensing up to date? Are you paying the correct amount. How do you navigate the licensing labyrinth? 

How do you navigate the licensing labyrinth? 

It takes extensive resources to create quality mapping. Many organisations know data holds the key to solving complex problems and finding competitive advantage. But like all good tools, data for visualising locations will only deliver the best results when it’s up to date, current, and accurate. Regular data-users know, just like paying for a TV license, you need permission to access that value. It’s the same situation with most data providers. To avoid prosecution, licenses must be correct and current.  

You may need multiple copies of the mapping data you’ve ordered, or access to the same data for different departments. But if different teams buy different licence at different times, and aren’t aware they’re overlapping – how do you overcome this challenge?  

Licensing map data can be a complex admin subject for teams that would rather be getting into the nitty-gritty of using the data. Licensing is robust and detailed. It takes time to understand it.  

Let us help you with your licensing 

It’s easy to lose control of who’s buying maps and plans in a business, particularly if you’re a large organisation such as a utility provider, solicitors’ network, local authority or supplier. That’s where practical, helpful support comes in.  

If you’ve never handled location data licensing at all, this Quick Guide will give you an overview. But if you’re using location data on a regular basis, we might be able to save you time and money. We’re on your side because we know that access to the right data delivers true value.  

Are you covered by your current licences?  

Let us check for you. This is where a great data partner comes in, making sure you’re covered with all the permissions you need. Plus, ensuring you’re only licensing data that’s necessary.  

We know map licensing inside and out, and we want to help you to get outstanding results from the data you’ve licenced. Check our essential overview in this Quick Guide, or contact our Customer Operations team for one-to-one support.

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