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Land and Property

Location data for the construction industry

Architects, Builders, Designers, Developers, Planners and Surveyors – you all need the most accurate, up to date location data. So why choose emapsite?

We find the right data for YOU

From boundaries to building heights, we’ve got all the location data and mapping you need - and you can challenge to find the mapping we don't have!

If there's something special needed, we can also combine datasets. Yours, ours, and data from third parties - so that your project is underpinned by the most robust, tailor-made location intelligence, usually, at an off the peg price. 

This is why so many people choose to work with us. With 15 years’ experience, we have the right experience to help solve many location data problems.



Challenge us now....

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  • We know there are problems with contractor licencing – sharing plans, trebling costs – so we’ve solved them all. Simple as that.
  • It saves huge amounts of time if CAD plans can be downloaded to pre-determined templates too – so we’ve made that possible.  
  • Our platform lets you mark-up multiple site plans without incurring extra OS viewing charges – a big saving, all round.
  • And if your teams want to, then they can set up queries against our data sets instead – another cost reduced, on every project.

If you're working in the construction industry and you want top quality location data, at a better price and with a better service - Isn’t it time you talked to emapsite?

Mapping and location data for developers. Consultants, too.

Almost every aspect of your work involves visualisation and validation. You need to know where, and you need to know where EXACTLY. That’s where emapsite come in…

Our expertise builds confidence into YOUR proposition

We support many top-tier property consultants already, with a reputation for making life easier (and solving problems, too).

Here in the UK, or overseas, we understand how you work. You need access to land and property data quickly and easily. Keeping your costs down, but your options open…

Often, you want historic mapping. Or location data for current or future developments. Always, you need 100% currency.

  • We’ll find the right data for you: the most comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date mapping and location data on the market.
  • We can advise you, so you’re always adding the context you need (not paying for detail you don’t). 
  • Choose to use the emapsite platform, and you won’t incur any extra OS viewing charges – neither will your contractors.
  • Site perils. Transport. Valuation data. Commercial tenancies. Social, retail, and utility infrastructure – we can provide it all.


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Start a conversation. Tell us what you’re looking for…

Managing property? We can help.

Asset Managers, Housing Associations, Land Owners and Resource Managers – ask us a question. If you’re looking for mapping and location data, we have the answer…

Services that work for you, whatever your size.

From central Government to local housing associations, we have the right location data to make your job easier, every day.

Sometimes you need historic mapping, and data to help manage current or future developments. Always, you need 100% currency and access that won’t slow you down (or incur extra costs)…

With the best possible details of the landscape to hand, your job becomes easier.

Talk to emapsite. Ask us a question, we’ll find the answer…

How to get started

Use our online tools, below

They’ll give you access to all the standard location data you need (if there’s something special you’re looking for, give us call). You won’t need extra software to get started. You won’t need to re-licence downloads either. It’s simple: we give you the data you need, in the format you need it…

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Create custom site plans. Get maps for planning with our easy-to-use tools. Step this way...

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For professionals – get access to the mapping data you want, in the format you need it…  

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Environmental, historical and geological reports. Underground insights. Utility data. All delivered as easy-to-interpret PDF reports.

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