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Location data + Insights = Value.

Get more from your location data with an on- and off-shore location data team.


The right team to find more value in your location data

Accurate mapping is essential if you're working in renewables. But there's more to mapping than straightforward location data, onshore or off. With the right team's support, you can unlock immense value from the mapping you're using. It's all about location-data insights.

We have all the renewables mapping and location data you want, and our team can help you find the hidden insights your business really needs.

The emapsite Renewables Team has the experience, and the expertise, to find maximum value for you. Drawing efficiency back into the supply chain; underpinning your business strategy and operations; and confidently delivering the insights and benefits you need.

  • Identifying ideal sites for windfarms or solar arrays
  • Understanding the sea bed in detail - elevation modelling data
  • Revealing subsurface obstructions, creating risk maps on and offshore
  • Supplying the most accurate onshore topography
  • Highlighting optimum connection points for use in analysis


You may have many teams working on the same projects, with different mapping and data analysis needs. Marine overlays, transport networks under the sea, obstructions underwater, terrain data – the general lie of the land, utilities’ placement, planning constraints, cabling and highways data, or even aerial imagery and historic information.

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Extracting value and integrating data

Taking a joined-up approach to location data provision is so important. We have multi-disciplinary teams of expertise who work together to find; curate; wrangle and deliver the data you need – in exactly the format you need it.

Better still, we’re hard-wired to give you added value on every step of the location-data journey: from choosing the right datasets, to integrating them effectively, and getting the most insight and value from the mapping you’ve chosen.

  • Analysing terrain, understanding the marine landscape
  • Identifying the most promising sites and locations for development
  • Understanding potential permitting requirements and studies
  • Ranking potential sites using bespoke criteria to generate visualisations
  • Looking at the implications of siting, environmental constraints


Historically, there’s always been a bit of a gap between areas mapped onshore and off. Even if there’s an overlap, it takes experience to integrate that data effectively.

You might be working in a purchase capacity, in a policy-response team, an engineering unit, or even on the ground in logistics and builds. From off-shore exploration to on-shore pipelines, and on, out into the end-point delivery networks, our approach enables you to increase the efficiencies between your teams and the accuracy in your operations.





  • Do you share your geospatial data with multiple contractors in multiple businesses?

  • Is accessing, sharing and updating data currently a problem?

  • Is your data needed in multiple platforms and formats?


The Renewables Team can help.

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Working together in renewables location data

Our team can support yours. We can integrate diverse datasets with confidence – using our own, proprietary datasets or finding new sources of information as necessary.

We can also look at terrain complexities for you in detail – and this is the big difference – on-shore and off. Few, if any, other location data businesses have the onshore/offshore integration capacity and experience that we do.

Our in-house GIS experts boast an unrivalled breadth of technical expertise. We’ve been working with the energy sector for years. We impact; and high level policy – and we know how important it is, to be in a position where your team can factor these things in to even the most simple visualisations.

It’s why we’ve spent time, on your behalf, developing relationships with agencies that deliver the highest quality, most up to date datasets. We’ve developed our own, proprietary datasets too. These let us provide the ‘stitching’ – connecting onshore and offshore insights with integrity, enabling you to visualise impact and siting in detail.

Do you need data for planning applications or in environmental impact reports?

Would you like to make the data you work with easier to manage, visualise and interpret?

Does your team need consistent data streaming across several applications?