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As service level agreement holders you have a number of geographic data sets from one or more organisations that you are entitled to use for internal business purposes.  This presents a number of challenges, primarily those owing to the costs involved in building and maintaining the requisite back-end applications and from those business areas the license does not cover.

emapsite’s web services architecture is there to take the strain and the pain and, as a by product, widen access to geographic data across your enterprise and open up the possibility of meeting various of the e-government targets on an incremental transactional basis rather than as a high risk big-bang.  In addition emapsite can swiftly integrate other data sets should the need arise, again on a transactional basis.  And where the service level agreement does not permit an application to be developed, as seems particularly to be the case in some transport related requirements, then emapsite’s transactional and e-commerce platform can be configured to integrate with those as required.

Our hosted and managed services allow users to view, browse, print and share geographic data using just a web browser, Word or other Office application (as well as a GIS or CAD systems) and:

  • Preclude the need to invest in infrastructure
  • Eliminate the resources required for internal distribution
  • Provide universal simultaneous access across all offices and departments
  • Open up map access to all remote workers at no additional cost
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Are supported by all major GIS

With fast, easy and reliable access to this vital mapping information, staff are able to focus on analysis and utilising the data rather than having to invest time and effort in managing it.